Birthday Parties


The Lightning Made Training Center host birthday parties and other events at our facility. We have a Ball Hockey Rink (60'x30') that include nets, sticks, balls, and goalie equipment. We have various other sports equipment that is able to be utilized during the party as well.

Pricing (2 hour rentals):

  • $300.00

    10 Participants

  • $375.00

    20 Participants

  • $450.00

    30 Participants

*Each additional person is $5 extra. (Ex. 13 participants = $315.00)
*Availability may vary*
Non-refundable deposit fee of $100.00 is required once we contact you with confirmation of booking.
*Pricing and details are subject to change.

Additional Rental options

TC_Synthetic_Ice-2_large (1)

Synthetic Ice Rink

We have an Synthetic Ice Rink (60'x30') that participants can free skate or play hockey on! This is an additional $10 per person that includes rental skates and helmet if needed. If a person has their own skates it will only cost $5. This includes pucks, nets, and sticks.


Thunderbug Appearance

ThunderBug Appearance (Additional to price above):
$225.00 - 15+ minutes & gift delivery, photo time, and play games with participants


Food/Drinks: The person hosting the party will be in charge of providing the foods and drinks during the party. THE LIGHTNING MADE TRAINING CENTER WILL NOT PROVIDE FOOD or DRINKS! *No alcoholic drinks allowed.

Music: The person hosting the party can play music through our T.V. using Bluetooth on their own device.

Waivers: Once this form is completed and date is finalized. A wavier will be emailed to you. Each guest participating must have a wavier signed out fully before they are able to participate in any of the games at the Lightning Made Training Center. Please bring signed waivers on the day of the party.

Setting Up/Breaking Down: There will be a 30 minute grace period before and after the party time for set-up and break down. No early entries or late departures for party guest. This 30 minute grace period is strictly for set-up and break down only.


Lightning Made Training Center - 6910 Asphalt Ave. Unit B Tampa, FL 33614