Registration for this season will open Monday, May 22nd and close Monday, July 31st before the beginning of the tryout period.

To register for the upcoming season, CLICK HERE. Once registered, the team coach and manager your child is assigned to reach out for next steps.

When registering for the league, you will originally pay the $50 tryout fee. Once tryouts are completed, depending on which league your student is assigned to the remaining balance will be:

  • Varsity: $1,200
  • Junior Varsity: $1,000
  • Development: $900

For all above registration fees, you will be sent a link after your student has been applied to pay and can pay the fees in three different plans: One Lump Sum, Two Payments (September 1 & December 1) or Four Payments (September 1, October 1, November 1, December 1)

Please CLICK HERE to see the list of schools and teams that compete in the LHSHL and the procedure for assigning players.

Please CLICK HERE to see a list of all important dates for the upcoming season.


Varsity = 20 games and 20 practices
Junior Varsity = 18 games and 18 practices
Development = 14 games, 14 practices, and 6 off-ice training sessions

Each team practices on different days of the week, you will need to contact the team manager at the time of registration to find out which day you would practice.

For games, most Varsity games are played on Fridays, with some other weekday games throughout the season. Most of the Junior Varsity League games take place Friday-Sunday.

The Development League will take place Saturday afternoons/nights.

The LHSHL includes three tiers of hockey: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Development. The Varsity league consists of the most talented high school hockey players. Junior Varsity consists of players that didn’t make Varsity, but due to the growth of hockey the competitive level of this league continues to advance. Junior Varsity consists of mostly recreational level hockey players, with lower-level travel players, and incoming 9th graders.

The newly created Development League is designed to teach the game of hockey, and develop players skill including skating, shooting, and passing.

The full season game schedule will be released by mid-August for the upcoming season.

If the above FAQs don't answer all your questions, please reach out to the league office at, LHSHL@tampabaylightning.com